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Brisbane Office Cleaning Service

We will come and quote on your business needs but here are some service levels and frequencies from which you can choose.




Brisbane Office Cleaning Service Basic

Thorough, basic cleaning service with all items given a full cleaning at least twice weekly including, cleaning the inside of fridges and microwaves to protect the health of your staff.

· Regular removal of all office rubbish to prevent bins overflowing.

· Emptying of wet waste from kitchens and washrooms to maintain a healthy work environment and eliminate unpleasant odours.

· Regular cleaning of front entry, reception and meeting rooms so that they are presentable to visiting clients.

· Regular cleaning of washrooms and kitchens to maintain a hygienic workplace.

· Provide replenishable toiletries such as soap, paper products, air fresheners etc. All replenishable products are ordered just in time so that you don’t have large quantities of stock lying around for which you have already had to pay. Re-ordering is done automatically freeing up your staff to concentrate on building your business.

Brisbane Office Cleaning Service Comprehensive

All items included in silver service plus:

· Comprehensive cleaning service, with all areas given a full clean at least three times a week ensuring that all of your assets are kept in top condition which can help to cut down on replacement costs.

· Provide basic janitor services such as replace light tubes and globes; order, supply and install dispensers for paper requisites, soap and air fresheners; hang small pictures; move small office furniture within the office, eliminating the need for you to find another contractor and freeing up your staff.

· Supply anti-static and track-off mats to preserve your carpets and provide a better underfoot environment for staff.

· Computer detailing to keep your electronic equipment in peak working order, minimising break downs caused by dust and grime build up.

· Leather furniture cleaning and polishing to protect one of your more costly furniture purchases.

· Excess rubbish removal after weeding, archiving or delivery of new equipment which can eliminate the need for hunting for another contractor.

· Annual hazard audit to identify any areas where safety may be a concern. This may help to minimise time spend onOHSissues and workcover claims.

· Weekly anti-bacterial clean of phones and door handles to protect your staff and minimise sick days.

Brisbane Office Cleaning Service High-End

All items included in silver and gold service plus:

·   High-end cleaning services with all areas given a full cleaning once a day including a full clean of your main entry and reception to present your best possible image to your clients.

·   Arranging of minor contractor works such as electrical, plumbing, and maintenance which can eliminate the need to spend time looking for contractors. All items are listed on the monthly invoice providing one invoice for processing and cutting down on accounting time.

·   Quotations organised for larger works by request e.g. painting

·   After hours on-call for emergencies, such as security or flooding which can be particularly useful if you have staff who often travel or away from the office.

·  Monthly report of works completed and works outstanding. This can be a useful tool as a snapshot of what’s being done when and, also helpful in providing for future budgeting.